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Warren & Marie Biddle started The Volunteer Coupon Book in 2000 after experiencing success with a similar product in Florida.
They have owned several businesses for many years in Tennessee. They tried everything to advertise their businesses: Top #1 Radio channels, Television, and numerous printed-paper and other products with little success if any!  We found coupon books get read more often monthly and are in the purse or glove box of users for easy access.
       We have developed the best distribution over the last 15 years.
We know where the volunteer coupon books get picked up best at a rate of 97% plus pick up rate. The Volunteer Coupon Book.Com is our website and we have an app for the best of all combinations to produce for our customers the Best Return.
       As you can see the ALL ABOUT us is that we are concentrated in being 

ALL ABOUT our client!